Chipku - Fruit fly lure / pheromone fruit fly lure bactocera dorsalis (Pack of 10)

Chipku - Fruit fly lure / pheromone fruit fly lure bactocera dorsalis (Pack of 10)

Brand:Turning Point Natural Care
DataPack of 10
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Chipku - Fruit fly lure / pheromone fruit fly lure bactocera dorsalis for farming Pack of 10 :

Description : Chipku Fruit Fly lure CARE FOR NATURE CARE FOR YOU With many years of experience, Turning Point stands as one of the most trusted and reliable brand. The brand has always stayed at the forefront of emerging consumer needs by developing new ways to protect Crops against Insect killer and repellent and pest. Pure attractant used for making Lures Good quality materials used for traps Technically Proven solutions Recommended product for Organic farming Chipku - Pheromone Lure For Fruit fly ( Bactocera Dorsalis) Power Of pheromone attraction By Chipku. Near about to 70-75 % of insect population is catch by using pheromone traps As per it recommended timeline and procedure Pheromone traps should use for monitoring after 1-2 week of flowering if it catches more no of insects 4-8 per day then needs to increase trap qty for Mass trapping Recommended qty per acre 6-8 for monitoring 12-15 for mass trapping 3 type Of traps are Suitable for lure 1. Mac Phill Trap 2. Economical Glass trap 3. Eco Max Trap HOW TO USE Open Lure Packet Tie with wire Hang Lure in the center of trap Add water in bottom cover and Close bottom cap Hang the trap on Field Read more Know your pest Chipku Pheromone Lure for Fruit fly technical details Size Of lure 17 x34 x10 mm Material Wooden Block loaded with attractant Packing type Air tight Pouch Attract Species Bactocera Dorsalis.

Features :

  • If farmers set a pheromone trap before the flowering process starts, it will be easier to control the number of pests in the fields. After Installation trap can be used for long time. we have to change the Lure After 60 days.
  • Best trapper Used for All Fruit Plants Like Mango, Papaya, Sapota, guava, pomegranate, Sweet Fruit etc.
  • Best Gift for home Gardening Lovers and Farmers to make there plant free from Fruit Flies . No Need to use insecticides and pesticides.
  • Eco pheromone trap Only attract targeted Pest , Not Harmful for Beneficial Farm Insects like Honey bees , Lady bug , Praying Mantis etc.
  • Weather Proof and long Lasting / Leak Proof Pouch Design of bactrocera Dorsalis catcher (Fruit Fly Lure) Made with 99.99% Pure Blends Which attract Male and Female Both Files.

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