Chipku Max Plus Pheromone fruit fly trap and lures (Pack of 10)

Chipku Max Plus Pheromone fruit fly trap and lures (Pack of 10)

Brand:Turning Point Natural Care
DataPack of 10
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Chipku Max Plus Pheromone fruit fly trap Mac phill trap for with fruit fly pheromone lure (Bactocera Dorsalis) For fruit crops (Pack of 10) :

Description : Grow fruits Healthy and Toxin free with using Chipku Fruit-Fly trap and Fruit-Fly lure. The fruit crops are mostly seen to be affected by fruit-flies. The fruit fly badly damages the fruits by laying eggs inside fruits. The pheromone trap is best solution to capture fruit-flies without any chemical insecticide leading to the organic farming. The fruit-flies gets attracted towards the lure inside the trap and enters the trap through the hole. And get stuck inside trap as they couldn’t find any way to escape. The fruit fly trap is excellent strategy to monitor and control destructive fruit-flies. It notifies the number of insects infested in farm and further control the further attack The fruit-flytrap attracts and catches only targeted pests and safe for friendly and pollinating insects. Fruit-Fly attack can be serious issue if the number of insects are not controlled on the time. The fruit-fly attack can destroy entire farm by damaging fruit crops.

Features :

  • Targeted Pest : Bactocera Dorsalis, Bactocera zonata, bactocera correcta, Host Crop Mango, Papaya, Sapota, gauva, All sweet fruit plants and Orchards, It catches 70-75% insect population for sure and can control insect attack up to 99% if trap and lure used and changed time to time.
  • Cost Effective/User Friendly also It reduce use of insecticide spray hence so it prevents environment pollution.
  • Best Gift for Farmers to make there plant free from Fruit Flies. No Need to use Any Harmful chemicals to reduce insect problem.
  • Weather Proof and long Lasting / Leak Proof Pouch Design of bactrocera Dorsalis catcher (Fruit Fly Lure) Made with 99.99% Pure Blends Which attract Male and Female Both Files.
  • It attracts the targeted pest that attack mango, guava, papaya and all type of sweet fruits.

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