Chipku Pheromone Water Trap with Tuta Absoluta Lure (Pack of 10)

Chipku Pheromone Water Trap with Tuta Absoluta Lure (Pack of 10)

Brand:Turning Point Natural Care
DataPack of 10
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Chipku Pheromone water Trap with Tuta Absoluta Lure for Catch Insect/Moth Tomato leaf minor (TLM) Pack of 10 :

Description : Water traps should use 1-2 week after Plantation to control Leaf miner attract Lures need to be replaced often to better trap new insects. Pheromone traps attract pests. Do not place them in high traffic areas near people or gardens, especially for wasps, hornets, or crop-damaging insects. Traps can be affected by weather events, check them after storms to see if they need repair or replacement. Keep traps out of reach of children and pets. Wash your hands after using pheromones, as pests may follow you if you smell like one of their own. Don't use outdoor products indoors. Always follow the label about how and where to use the product. Tuta Absoluta Lure works on principal of pheromones and hence the insect catching becomes easier. Up to 70-75% insect population can be captured which is scientifically proven according to the pheromone concept. Lures containing sex pheromones are placed into insect trap and erected in the field at a recommended spacing. The lure will release the sex pheromone at a constant rate over a period of 2-4 weeks. Male moths are attracted and while attempting for mating, fall into trap. Thus, the female moths in the field are deprived of successful mates and fail to reproduce or lay viable eggs.

Features :

  • The Tuta Absoluta Lure attracts and catches targeted pests and harmless to friendly insects.
  • It is cost effective and eliminates the cost of toxic pesticides.
  • Use 5-6 traps per acre for monitoring and 8-10 traps per acre for mass trapping.
  • Lure should be changed after field life of lure mentioned on the lure packet. also check the water level of trap periodically if required then add some water.
  • Lure Life is 30 to 45 days.

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