Chipku Funnel Trap Insect Catcher for Helicoverpa Armigera (Pack of 10)

Chipku Funnel Trap Insect Catcher for Helicoverpa Armigera (Pack of 10)

Brand:Turning Point Natural Care
DataPack of 10
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Chipku Funnel Trap Insect Catcher for Helicoverpa Armigera (American Bollwarm) (Pack of 10) :

Description : Chipku Fly Magnet Funnel Trap/Insect Trap/Fruit Fly Trap Insect Catcher for (Helicoverpa Armigera) Used in Cotton, Chickpea, Pigeon Pea, Sunflower, and Tomato; is the natural way to catch fruit flies and Helicoverpa Armigera without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals. It is a safe and nature-friendly product that includes 2 Traps and 2 packets of the lure. Procedure: 1. Separate top and bottom base. 2. Open Lure Packet. 3. Insert lure in center of the top cover. 4. Take the bottom base, make 1 knot at end of fly 5. Attach top cover and funnel case. 6. Tie the trap on a wooden stick of height of 1 meter. Chipku Phero Lure - Helicoverpa Armigera It is the pheromone attractand lure usable in funnel traps How it works Lure is made of rubber septa and loaded with pheromone liquid , When we place the lure in the trap it will slowly release the pheromone scent for the insect of helicoverpa female moth , Male moth of helicoverpa will attract towards trap and he will caught in trap After trapping of male moths Mating of female moths not done and they will not able to lying eggs on plants and fruits, automatically their next generation will stop and we get rid of moths as well catterpillers as well How much traps are use 1) for monitoring purpose 5-6 traps per acre 2)For mass trapping ( bulk catch of moths) 15 traps per acre are recommended how long they will work 1) lures are work as per their fild life 30 days after 30 days we need to replace new lure what care to be taken while using the trap Wash hands before touch the lure , lures are very odour sensitive they will easily catch any strong smell like pesticides , deodorants , clean hands are recommended while installing the lure assemble the trap 1 feet above than crop canopy.

Features :

  • Pheromone trap Funnel type with Lure ( helicoverpa armigera) useful to catch helicoverpa moth.
  • Traps and lure are Non toxic- Environment friendly-works 24x7 till field life.
  • Traps are made with good quality virgins plastic- lures are from silicon rubber.
  • Useful for population monitoring in early stage therefore farmers can take appropriate action before major pest attack takes place.
  • Trap Attract and catch specific insect only not harmful to human - pets-childs-enviromen.

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