Monolex Foam Flexible Garden PVC Pipe

Monolex Foam Flexible Garden PVC Pipe

Brand:Mahalakshmi Pipes
DataLength - 30 Meter
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Monolex Garden Foam Flexible PVC Pipe : Flexible PVC also known as garden pipe is a soft flexible pipe that ranges in appearance from transparent to opaque. PVC is manufactured with plasticizers by adjusting type and amount to achieve large range of flexible compositions.


  • Size : ¾ Inch (Weight - 5 KG), 1 Inch (Weight - 7.2 KG).
  • Length : 30 Meter (100 Feet).
  • Colour : Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Transparent, Blue, Black.


  • Available in variety of flexible range to suit application.
  • Can be used for domestic purpose like gardening and water connections.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Available in large lengths.
  • Lightweight and tough.
  • Smooth and polished inner wall.
  • Clear for visualization of fluid flow.

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