Rock - Potassium Humate (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Rock - Potassium Humate (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Brand:Venus Agro Chemicals
DataPack : 100 Gm, 250 Gm, 500 Gm and 1 Kg
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Rock : High Energy Humic Acid

Benefits of Rock :

  • Rock is a modern and well researched organic product for all types of crops. While fulfilling all requirements of your crop, it also improves fertility of the soil.
  • Today, for many farmers, crop development os not satisfactory due to decreased fertility of soil in their fields. Sometimes flowers are less in number, they fall off, sometimes fruits fall off or fruits don't grow in size. Rock is capable of overcoming all such problems.
  • Now a days, all farmers are concerned with decreasing soil productivity. Consistent use of Rock for five to seven years will give the farmer, up to three times more productivity with more fertile soil.

Composition : Potassium Humate - 100% w/w min.

Application :

  • For Soil : Mix 1 kg of Rock in adequate quantity of soil/cow dung / fertilizer and broadcast in one acre.
  • By Spraying : Mix 10 gm Rock in 15 Liter. of water (pump) and spray on plants.
  • By Drip : 500 gm to 1Kg per Acre.

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