Utkranti Biopesticides (VBL)

Utkranti Biopesticides (VBL)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
Data100ML, 250ML, 500ML, 1Liter
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Utkranti Biopesticides (VBL) :

Type of Product : Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus.

Description : NPV is an insect virus used for controlling the difficult insects pests. This Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus does not infect higher life forms. It is effective where other pesticides have failed to control Helicoverpa Armigera. The majority of baculoviruses used as biological control agents. These virusesare excellent candidates for species-specific, narrow spectrum insecticidal applications. They have been shown to have no negative impacts on plants, mammals, birds, fish, or even on non-target insects. This is especially desirable when beneficial insects are being conserved to aid in an overall IPM program, or when an ecologically sensitive area is being treated.

Useful For : For the control of Helicoverpa.

Pesticide Compatibility : Virus particles are generally unaffected by pesticides, although some chlorine compounds should be expected to damage or destroy viruses if applied at the same time. Baculovirus efficacy, however, can be altered in many ways by the effects of chemical pesticides on the host insect. A review by Jacques and Morris (1981) showed that of 10 pesticide-virus combinations, 9 resulted in an additive effect on insect mortality.

Suitable Crops : VBL Utkranti (HaNPV) is recommended for control of Heliothis/Heliocoverpa in Cotton, Tomato, Gram, Groundnut, Tur, Ornamental Flowering Plant and vegetable

Dosage : For dose and other details, please contact the company.

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