Neema 1500 ppm (VBL)

Neema 1500 ppm (VBL)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
Data250 ML, 500 ML and 1Liter
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Neema 1500 ppm (VBL) :

Description : Azadiractin 0. 15 % min. pest control agent used for the control Of white fly and bollworm of cotton and thrips , stem bore, brown plant hopper and leaf folder on paddy.

Azadirachtin 0.3% min. Pest control agent used for the control of American bollworm of cotton.

Recommendations : Azadiractin 1 % w/w Min. pest control agent used for the control Of fruit borer of tomato and fruit and Shoot borer of brinjal.

Dosage : 2-3 ml/ Lit water in interval of 15 days.

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