Rhizo Liquid (VBL)

Rhizo Liquid (VBL)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
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VBL Rhizo (Rhizobium) VBL RHIZO BioFertilizer is the symbiotic nitrogen fixer which fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the root nodule, formed in the roots of leguminous plants.

Advantages: Nitrogen fixation in the root and Stem nodules with nitrogenase enzyme It adheres on the surface of root and enters through the root hair. Inside the cortical cells it forms symbionts and fix nitrogen. The enzyme will reduce the molecular nitrogen to ammonia which is readily utilized by the plant. Rhizobium can fix 50-200 kgs N/ha and 20-30 kgs Na/ha for the succeeding crops It can increase yield up to 10-35%


Suitable Crops: Ground nut, Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Cow pea. Bengal gram, Mustard, Soy bean, French bean, Cluster bean, Lab-Lab, Sesbania sp, leguminous plants etc.

Method of Application:

  • Add 125gm Jaggery (gur) in 250-300m1 water for preparing solution.
  • For 30kg seed treatment use 250-300 ml solution adding 100m1 Biofirtilizer.
  • Spread the seed on floor & spray Biofirtilizer added solution to it.
  • Rub the seed with light hand. 5)Use the treated seed within 24 hrs of treatment.

Quantity of biofertilizers to be used: Seed treatment 100m1/30kg seedSoil application 500 ml/acre Planting/Nursery 250 m1/10 ltr water

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