Agro Shakti Soil developer

Agro Shakti Soil developer

Brand:Agro Shakti
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A 100% Organic product mined in the USA. A natural occurring material not subject to any kind of processing. This carbon containing substance is recognised by most agronomists, as the most important component of a healthy fertile soil.

Content : Humic Acid 60-65%

Fulvic Acid 30-35%


  1. Speeds up the crop growth. Proven result on Strawberry, Mango, Cashew, Pomegranate, Sugarcane, Cotton, Flower and many more
  2. Provides energy to beneficial soil organism
  3. Improves soil structure and improves soil’s water holding capacity
  4. Destroys harmful substances and neutralizes the soil pH
  5. It reduces the rate of water evaporation
  6. Reduces the quantity of fertilizers required
  7. Hikes seeds germination
  8. Significantly increases growth of plant roots (Treated roots are 20-50% heavier than non treated ones)
  9. Increments the chlorophyll content of plant leaves


Before Sowing: Sprinkle AgroShakti on the farm Aprrox 30-40 KG / Acre

After Sowing: 1 tsp of the mixture on each crop before watering. 

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