Funnel trap with Gulabi-fly-lure

Funnel trap with Gulabi-fly-lure

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Funnel trap with Gulabi-fly-lure

Description: The insects mass trapping (Mass trapping) is an ecological method, specific for every insect and environmentally-friendly. The method consists of the capture of the greater possible number of male of the insect at issue by using sexual pheromones and reducing this way the damages caused in the tree. The effects of the use of the mass trapping are shown mainly as of the second year of use. Funnel trap are highly versatile traps used to collect a wide range of agricultural, moths. Funnel trap usually contain a lure suspended from the underside of the middle of the trap, with an insecticidal strip inside the collection container to dispatch the insects. These traps are being used in the Bean Cutworm survey. It is very useful for cotton, okra/ladyfinger. In the younger crop larvae bore into tender squares and feed within resulting into drying of the terminal shoots. Later flower buds and bolls are attacked. Infested flower buds fail to open up completely due to webbing by the larva, giving the appearance of a typical rosette bloom. Larvae damage the bolls by tunneling into them, destroying the pulp and lint. Infested bolls open prematurely permitting fungal infection. Benefits: Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage. If used properly can detect low numbers of insects. Collect only Species Specific. Pheromone Lure is species specific. Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life.

Precaution: Please use hand gloves / Keep clean hand for handling lure

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