ALLZIN Micronutrient mixture

ALLZIN Micronutrient mixture

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ALLZIN Micronutrient mixture :

Description : It is essential for several enzyme systems, production of auxins & protein synthesis. It is suitable for all crops. With the advent of green revolution, Hybrid and high yielding varieties are evolved. Hybrid and high yielding varieties are capable of utilizing higher quantity of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, they absorb higher quantity of primary, secondary and micronutrients from the soil, which leads to increase of yield.

Benefits :

  • Allzin supplies Zinc and other essential micronutrients to crops, corrects zinc and other micronutrients deficiency in crops immediately.
  • Allzin increases number of tillers in paddy crop and controls Khaira disease developed due to Zinc deficiency.
  • Allzin controls white bud disease developed due to Zinc deficiency in maize crop. It increases flower and grain setting in maize.
  • Allzin increases flower and fruit setting in cotton, chilies, vegetables etc. which leads to increase of yield.

Dosage :Apply 5Kg Allzin fertilizer per acre to paddy, sugarcane crops after 30 days of transplanting. 5 Kg for cotton, chilies, vegetables etc., after 30 days of sowing per acre. Apply 200-250 grams per areca nut, coconut plants and for other horticultural crops(100 grams/ plants).

Pack Size : 5kg and 10kg..

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