Ginger Grow

Ginger Grow

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Ginger Grow :

Description : Is a crop specific formulation of essential micronutrients, is one of our key products providing prophylactic benefits to the crop. This keeps plants healthy and helps crop to develop disease resistance, impart natural colors to rhizome and increases number of rhizomes. Improve ginger plant metabolic activity with high root mass. GINGER GROW having major elements of Zinc which helps in plant hormone balance, Auxin activity & division of cells. ferrous assists in biological process, photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis. Boron helps in uniform ripening process and is essential in sugar transport and amino acid production. Manganese which activates enzymes and chloroplast production

Dosage : Apply at 10kg /acre at 30 days after sowing. Second dose at 5 kg/acre after 90 days of sowing.

Benefits: Increases the size of ginger rhizome and the pungency Improves proper functioning of enzymes, uniform flowering and fruiting and helps in proper cell elongation and growth Participate in photosynthesis and water regulation in plant cells and encourage symbiotic nitrogen fixation It improves the quality of bulb by increasing Total Soluble Solid and ascorbic acid contents.

Pack Size: 5kg and 10kg

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