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Astor :

Description : Amruth organic fertilizers is committed to helping Bengal gram & tur gram growers produce better crop with higher profitability. The High Bengal gram & tur gram solution ensures crops receive the right nutrients &This is scientifically prepared micronutrient mixture in liquid form for foliar application, which increases the flowers and pod growth. It increases the size and thickness of leaves. It stops premature falling off blossoms by making stem stronger. It promotes uptake of nutrients and water holding capacity.

Dosage : Dissolve 2-3 ml ASTOR in one liter of water

Benefits: ASTOR helps in the formation of chlorophyll that promotes photosynthesis process. Its involvement in protein production and enzyme activities in plants. It helps to increase yield significantly It enhances seed size, weight and keeping quality. It is encouraging in uniform flowering and fruiting and helps in cell elongation and growth

Pack Size:  250ml, 500ml and 1000ml

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