Roots Power

Roots Power

Brand:Infinite Biotech Co
DataRoot Activator and Enhancer
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Roots Power : (Root activator and enhancer).

Roots Power - The powerful rooting stimulator, It activates a potent, branched, and dense root system that results in enhanced and elongated roots that improve the absorption and recipiency of nutrients. While activating the generation of new roots that results in stress reduction.

Roots Power is a complete bio-plant hormone mixture for stimulating rapid and prolific rooting of all types of a plant cutting. It helps in rapid vegetative development, results in fast and quick production. As it helps the activation of the rhizosphere which enhances productive rhythm, improves the capacity of absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Two auxin hormones of Roots Power help in signaling a plant's natural defense system and stimulates root growth. The two-way action system promotes a biological barrier against the advance of invasion and including the crop defensive system. And works as a root bio stimulator Influences the enzyme system, Promotes strong healthy roots.

It can be used before harvesting without concern for residues. It helps in the activation of rhizosphere that results in enhancing positive interactions between beneficial microorganisms and secondary roots, a way to enhanced yield Result oriented Rooting hormone powder formula for all soft, semi-hard, and hardwood plants. Perfectly Suitable for rooting house, foliage, tropical and hardy ornamental plants.

Use on a leaf, greenwood, and softwood cuttings Easy to use for Professional Plant Nursery and gardening Hobbyist pliable to use in conventional and organic cropping systems. Roots Power is a high performance rooting hormone powder, nourish the roots during their important formation and gives the perfect boost to the roots to grow fast It can be used all around the year, having a long shelf life

Crop Spectrum : All Crops, also very effective in green-houses/Glass-houses and Net-houses.

Dose : (Foliar) 100 Gram per acre (15 Gram per 15 Litters of water), (Soil) 200 Gram per acre (Drip/ Drenching), Start using from the beginning just after 10 days of germination and can be applied at all Vegetative and reproduction stages. Repeat at every 21 days of interval and before critical growth stages of crop.

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