Pulse Kit with grow one

Pulse Kit with grow one

Brand:Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd
DataWeight : 1 KG
  • ₹1,240.00

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Pulse Kit with grow one :
Details :
  • Pulse kit is a collection of products that add value to pulse crops during growth and fruiting stage. Kit contains products that help in vigourous germination & growth (Grow one), control larva that bore holes into pods (Larvecon), control soil borne fungal infections (Dcon) and helps in stress management (Maxgrow and Biosil) as well as waste decomposer culture for soil health.
  • Grow one- Germination Booster (250 GM).
  • Dcon- Borne Disease Controller (250 GM).
  • Larvecon- Organic Pest Controller (250 ML).
  • Maxgrow - maximum growth booster (250 ML).
  • Biosil- Bio available Silica and zinc (250 ML).
Dosing :

Use kit for 1 acre for 1 application. It is recommended to use the kit at least twice.

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