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The Uses of Keleol Banana Spray

Keleol Banana Spray Oil E4:
Banana Spray Oil is a concentrate formulated with severely hydro-treated paraffinic oil and a well-balanced adjuvant package that will form a quick emulsion for being used in agricultural spray applications, especially for bananas and similar plants to control leaf spot diseases.

Functions :

To control the leaf spot diseases like Sigatoka(s) caused by Fungi.Good bonding agent and agrochemical (fungicide) dispersant. It improves the adhesion of the products applied. To control the fungal spreading through air and water.Usage of only Fungicides not only harm the soil, but the disease also develops a resistance towards these fungicides.Yield increases by approx. 18.5% when used alone and 35.5 % when used with fungicides.The Mineral oil can be used standalone or along with fungicides .The recommended dosage is using 1-2% of Keleol mixed with water (or).Keleol 1-2 % along with fungicides such as propiconazole/carbendazim etc..

For 1 acre of banana plantation- during 1 spray 100 Liters of mixture is required usually sprayed using 10 tanks for 7 times in one season.

Use air sprayers or hand-operated sprayers. The spray frequency depends on the severity of the infection. A minimum 15-day interval should be kept between sprays.

Avoid spraying in hot and sunny periods to maintain effectiveness. Spray in the morning when the temperature is low.

Dosage: 10 ML per Liter of water.

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