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Terms and Conditions

  • Kisan Mitra/Agent is responsible for delivery of product to the customer.
  • To become a Kisan Mitra, you will have to purchase at least 10,000/- rupees worth of products in the first month. If you do not buy anything in the next month, then your registration will be closed and for re-registration you will have to purchase 10,000/- rupees worth of products.
  • Kisan Mitra has to do business of at least 1,000/- rupees every month to continue the his registration.
  • In case of non-deliverable areas, Kisan Mitra has to collect the parcel from the nearest courier point and deliver it to customer.
  • Commission will be calculated on the selling price of the product, exclusive of COD and Shipping applied on the order.
  • In case of a Prepaid order, 1% extra commission will be added to the existing commission slab for both Micro and Macro Orders. There won't be any addition to existing commission for spray pumps and agri tools.
  • COD facility not available for spray pumps.
  • The order has to be placed from Agents registered account, else commission won't be added.
  • If the order is returned or customer refuses to accept the order, return courier charges would be deducted from agent's commission.
  • None of the products sold on Krishibazaar.in are returnable. In case of warranty of spray pumps, the customer has to contact the company which has provided the warranty.
  • If there is an issue pertaining to the product, the same has to be brought to krishibazaar.in's notice within 1 hour of delivery of product.
  • Incentives are calculated on every month sales. Sales amount won't be carried forward to next month.
  • Sales of two or multiple accounts can't be clubbed together for achieving incentive targets.
  • Provide verified documents for registration. Unverified, wrong, incomplete documents would lead to delivery issues and reduce your incentive.
  • All legal issues to be handled under Jalgaon Court Jurisdiction, Maharashtra.