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Advene Fraturia sp

Brand : Amruth Organic Fertilizers.
Data : Bio Fertilizers (Liquid and Powder)
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ADVENE is a Biofertilizer based on the selective strain of Frateuria sp. cells contained in the product on reaching the soil get activated and produce fresh and active cells. These cells grow and multiply by utilizing the carbon source in the soil or from the root exudates. During their growth, they solubilize the fixed potash in the soil and make it available to the plant in an easy usable form. It enhances the potash uptake in plants leading to higher productivity.
Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (KMB) usually referred to as the plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria.

Chemical Composition

Frateuria sp (1x108 CFUs/ml ) Min                   -  1.50%

Growth Media, Osmatic (Stablizer Dipersal agent) - 98.50%

                                                                   Total - 100%


Mix ADVENE at the proportion of 2-3ml per liter of water/ seed treatment/ drip irrigation / FYM. Individual Plants 2ml / 2 grams / liter of water & apply directly into the soil


  • Advene enhances the potash uptake in plants leading to higher productivity.
  • Advene helps prevent soil erosion and improves the soil texture & fertility.
  • Advene improves the plant immune system.
  • Helps to improve the soil health.

CFU's Count

Fraturia sp liquid based -1x108 CFUs/ml.
Fraturia sp carrier based- 5x107 CFUs/ml.

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