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Agri Rise Mulching Film Length 4 Feet (Silver/Black) :  100% Virgin Material and guaranteed product.

  • Thickness: 100 Micron
  • Width: 1.2 Meter / 4 Feet
  • Length: 200 Meter/Roll
  • Diameter: 4-6 Inch
  • Color : Silver/Black
  • Material : Virgin material
  • Life/Guaranty : 3 to 4 Months

Details : 

  • It is completely impermeable to water.
  • It prevents the direct evaporation of moisture form the soil and thus limits the water losses and conserves moisture.
  • By evaporation suppression, it prevents the rise of water containing salts.
  • Mulch can facilitate fertilizer placement and reduce the loss of plant nutrient through leaching.
  • Mulches can also provide a barrier to soil pathogens.
  • Opaque mulches prevent germination of annual weeds from receiving light.
  • Reflective mulches will repel certain insects.
  • Mulches maintain a warm temperature even during nighttime which enables seeds to germinate quickly and for young plants to rapidly establish a strong root growth system.
  • Synthetic mulches play a major role in soil solarization process.
  • Mulches develop a micro climatic underside of the sheet, which is higher in carbondi-oxide due to the higher level of microbial activity.

Mulching is the process or practice of covering the soil/ground to make more favorable conditions for plant growth, development and efficient crop production. Mulch technical term means ‘covering of soil’. While natural mulches such as leaf, straw, dead leaves and compost have been used for centuries, during the last 60 years the advent of synthetic materials has altered the methods and benefits of mulching.

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