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Agriplus Haifa KNO3 13-00-45 Water Soluble Fertilizers

₹282 ₹300
Brand : Haifa Negev Technologies Ltd.
Data : Packing - 1 KG
Availability : In Stock

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Agriplus KNO3 13-00-45 Water Soluble Fertilizers. Fertilizer for Nutrigation™ (Fertigation) and foliar nutrition.Multi-K™, Haifa’s potassium nitrate, is a unique source of potassium by its nutritional value, fertilization efficiency, application considerations and environmental impact. Multi-K™ contains 100% plant macronutrients - potassium (K) and nitrate-nitrogen (N-NO3). Plants absorb the nutrients from Multi-K™ rapidly and efficiently, in a balanced manner. Multi-K™ potassium nitrate increases yields and improves quality in vegetables, field crops, fruit trees and flowers.
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