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AJAY AZO SF Azotobacter SP

Brand : Biofix.
Data : Bio Fertilizer
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AJAY AZO SF : (Azotobacter SP)Description : AJAY AZO SF is a potent bio-fertilizer based on Azotobacter species. A Plant Needs nitrogen for its growth and Azotobacter fixes atmospheric nitrogen non-symbiotically (free-living). Ajay Azo is nitrogen fixing bio inoculants suitable for all crops.Benefits:• It fixes atmospheric nitrogen & provides to all non-legume crops such as cereals, maize, jowar, vegetables, sugarcane etc.• It enhances seed germination, plant growth and ultimately the yield.• The use of Azotobacter can cut down the use of synthetic/chemical nitrogen fertilizer .Recommended crops : For all crops.Dosage:Seed Treatment : 3 ml for 1 Kg of seeds.Seedling Root Treatment: Use 100 ml in 10 liters of water.Drip irrigation: Mix 2 to 3 Lit per acre.With FYM/Compost: 1lit/200kg of FYM/Compost in sufficient quantity of water sprinkle & keep overnight then apply directly to the field.(for1 acre) .
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