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Ajay Tricho Guard

Brand : Biofix.
Data : bio fungicide
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Ajay Tricho Guard : Trichoderma harzianum

Description : Biofix TRICHO-GUARD or Trichoderma harzianum is a bio-fungicide containing filamentous fungi, which protects plant's roots from various soil-borne diseases such as wilt, damping off, root rot, fruit rot and other plant diseases thus keeping plants healthy and increasing yield substantially.

Benefits :

  • It suppresses the growth of plant pathogenic microorganisms and regulates the rate of plant growth.
  • TRICHO-GUARD contains a high number of spores with high vitality which allows rapid colonization of soil, therefore, creating around security that protects the plant throughout its growth.
  • TRICHO-GUARD thus helps in good and healthy plant growth and increases the yield of the crop.

Dosage : TRICHO-GUARD can be applied via drip irrigation at 10 grams/liter of water or 2kg/acre and also be applied directly at 20 grams/kg of seed.

Recommended Crops : Tomato, Okra and Other Vegetable crops.

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