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  • Organic Plant Growth Promoters
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Alex Pro Organic Nutrients

Brand : Amruth Organic Fertilizers.
Data : Organic Growth Promoter
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Alex pro is a highly effective organic fertilizer, because Humic acid is a high active agent, can increase available potassium in soil, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, also can hold the nitrogen and slow release, unlock the phosphorus inside the soil ,chelate the micro elements, improve the soil structure to increase its water holding capability and create good environment for microbial group ,which will also help to improve the soil structure. Accordingly the soil fertility will be greatly increased and increased plants growth and harvest and its fruits quality.


Dissolve 2-3gm of Alex-pro in one litter of water and spray on both side of the leaves. & soil Drenching at the rate of 3-4gm per litter of water. Product occurrence: High potassium humate shiny flakes


  • High Humic acid content, low application cost and convenient for growers to apply with various methods.
  • Excellent water-soluble, Anti hard water, no flocculation, no deposit.
  • High biological activity, easily utilized by plant.
  • Alex pro can improve soil physical characteristics, improve soil aggregate structure, reduce soil compaction, and achieve good conditions. Can promote the plants to build powerful root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.
  • Alex pro can also pass physical, Chemical biotechnology means to regulate the release rate and achieve two-way regulation of sustained release and sustained release. .
  • Alex pro Increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil and facilitates nutrient absorption, thus increase the soil fertility and plant health.
  • Alex pro Stimulate seeds germination and improves their strike rate and encourages root growth.
  • Alex pro Improve aeration of soil and water retention and holding capability in heavy and compact soils, Prevents water and nutrient losses in light sandy soils.
  • Alex pro Help plants to increase harvest and fruits quality.
  • Alex pro Directly affecting cell metabolism, improving the respiration and photosynthesis of crops, and enhancing the resilience of crops, such as drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, etc. .
  • Nutrients required to release the plants after decomposition, strongly increase yield, improve crop quality, increase sweetness.
  • Enhance the photosynthesis increase the yield, and improve the quality of crops
  • promote the crop resistance to drought and disease.
  • Increase the soil fertility and optimize its structure, enhance the utilization of other nutrient fertilizers.

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