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Alnym Liquid 300 ppm

Brand : Amruth Organic Fertilizers.
Data : Neem Based Formulation
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Neem oil based EC containing Azadirachtin of 0.03% the major composition this product is cold pressed neem oil. Neem oil itself has anti-feedant property against pest which will prevent the pest from contacting the crops.

Alnym 300 ppm has a permanent registration from CIB (Reg No: CIR 161133/2019-Azadirachtion (EC) (399)-1194.This product is certified by Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee.

Recommendations: Alnym 300ppm Azadirachtin 0.15% min. pest control agent used for the control of white fly and bollworm of coon and thrips, stem borer, brown planthopper and leaf folder on paddy.

Chemical Composition

  • Azadirachtin – 0.03 %
  • Neem Oil – 90.570 %
  • Other ingredients – 9.40 %


2.5 to 3 liters of Alnym 0.03% EC formulation dissolved in 200 – 250 liters of water/acre.

Target Pest

white fly and bollworm of coon and thrips, stem borer, brown planthopper, and leaf folder on paddy.

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