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Alzyme Organic Growth Promoter

Brand : Amruth Organic Fertilizers.
Data : Humic Acid 24%
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Alzyme it is a unique, innovative organic and Biotech formulation it is recommended for all crops. The formulation which promoters with readily available potassium salts of Humic and fulvic acids, which promoters’ better vegetable and reproductive growth of all crops. It also stimulates plant growth by enhancing soil beneficial microbial growth, as a result protects crops from soil borne pests and diseases. Suitable for cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and plantation crops.

ALZYME Humic acid importance in soil enhancement:

Alzyme (Humic acid) physically modify the structure of the soil:

  • Increased water holding capacity & aeration of soil.
  • Improved soil workability & Reduced soil erosion.
  • increases organic (Carbon) percentage in the soil & Improved drought tolerance.
Alzyme (Humic acid) chemically change the fixation properties of the soil.
  • Increased % of nitrogen in the soil & increases root mass and Brix level.
  • Alkaline and acidic soils neutralized & Maximized ion exchange capacity
  • Maximized mineral uptake & released in root zones as needed
Alzyme (Humic acid) biologically stimulate the plant and the activities of microorganisms.
  • Accelerated cell division thus stimulating plant growth.
  • Increased cell wall thickness thus extending shelf life.
  • Accelerated seed germination& increase desirable micro-organisms in soil.
  • Increased vitamin content in plant, lengthwise root growth & nutrient uptake.
  • Increased plant enzyme production &photosynthesis.

Chemical Composition

Contents parameters
Humic acid 24%
Amino acid 6%
Fulvic acid 3%
(Nutrient, Microbial metabolites Cytokinin (0.03%) & proteins) 67%
Total 100%


Method of Application: Spray/ Drip/FYM/along with fertilizer. Dosage : Dissolve 1 litter Alzyme in 200-250 litter of water for drenching application or mix 1-2 ml of Alzyme in one litter of water for foliar application. Seed treatment: 4ml /kg of seeds Drip irrigation: 10-15 days after planting/ germination, before flowering, before fruiting.

Application On Crops

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and plantation crops.

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