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Anusha Gel

Brand : Amruth Organic Fertilizers.
Data : Organic Growth Promoter
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Anusha gel is derived from Organic high nutritive occurring ingredients of Potassium Humate, alanine, asparagine, glutamine, glycine, leucine, phenylalanine, proline, tryptophan, serine, valine, threonine, methionine, isoleucine ingredients in the Gel form, produced by a unique fermentation Technology by adding effective and efficient beneficial microbes. On dilution, the microbes present in the gel multiply and enrich the soil triggering rooting, which results in increased nutrients uptake. Effective Microorganisms both Aerobic and Anaerobic beneficial bacteria such as Nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizers. Micro algae – Natural and extremely efficient Nitrogen fixers such as Chrococcus Turgidus & Chlamydomonas SPP.

Enrichment: Blend 1 kg ANUSHA with 1MT of organic compost or vermicompost for enrichment, ANUSHA can be blended along with other types of bio-granules, micronutrients, seedcakes, green manures etc.

Decomposition: Sprinkle 1kg of ANUSHA for every 1MT of organic waste for rapid and efficient decomposition and enrichment.


Apply 5-8 kg per one acre through drip pipes by dissolving process, by drenching or may be mixed with 3-4 tons of FYM and broadcast. Or 5 to 10Kg per acre depending on crop.


  • Rejuvenates and replenishes the soil with beneficial functional microorganisms. Controls soil borne pathogens by soil disinfection &sanitation. Secretes /generates antibiotics and other beneficial compounds.
  • Decomposes vegetable wastes, poultry manures Green manure, Farm Yard Manures sugarcane trashes, press-mud, paddy straws and other agricultural and organic substances.

Application On Crops

Plantation crops, Cereals , Millets , Pulses, Oilseeds, Fiber Crops , Sugar Crops , Forage Crops , Plantation crops ,Vegetables, Fruits, Spices , Flowers , Medicinal crops , Aromatic Crops , Orchards and Ornamentals & Horticulture crops

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