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Dr Bactos Ampelo Biological Fungicides

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Bio Fungicides
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Dr. Bacto's Ampelo - Ampelomyces quisqualis : Dr.Bacto's Ampelo is an eco friendly biological fungicide based on Ampelomyces quisqualis and is highly effective in Powdery Mildew. It is a hyper parasite which penetrates the hyphall wall of host cell and grows inside causing degedartion of cytoplasm and result in death of pathogen.

MODE OF ACTION : Powdery Mildew of Okra, Grapes, Pea.


  • A natural bio-fungicide, highly effective in controlling wide range of soil borne disease caused by fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Sclerotinia and Blister blight.
  • Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
  • Higher Shelf-life.
  • Higher and perfect bacterial count.
  • Allowed Organic Input by NOCA as Per NPOP standards of govt. Of India.


  • Soil Application: 2 liter per Acer.
  • Foliar Spray: 2.5ml/ Liter.

TARGETED CROPS : All Vegetables, Fruits and other Crops.

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