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Dr Bactos Bactorhiza

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Mycorrhizal Bio Fertilizers
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Dr. Bacto's Bactorhiza : Dr. Bacto's Bactorhizais a Powder formulation of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae containing 1000 IP/gm.

Mode of Action : Mycorrhizae are obligatory in nature which requires a living host for its survival. The Mycorrhizae start associating symbiotically with root of the plants. This helps in the absorption of water, solubilization of Phosphorus and other essential macro and micro nutrient and makes them available to the plants in consumable form within short time.


  • It increases water and nutrient uptake capabilities of the plants.
  • It also increases water and nutrient holding capacity of the plant.
  • It helps to increase white root and root elongation in rhizosphere of the plant.
  • It helps to make available Phosphorus and other micronutrients to the plant.
  • It provide protection to the plant from certain pathogen and phytonematodes.
  • It also helps in im proving plant growth and yield.

DOSE : 100 - 200 gm per acre.

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