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Dr Bactos Bactus

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Biological Fungicides
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Dr. Bacto's Bactus - Bascillus Subtilis Spp.

Description : Bascillus Subtilis Spp - Control Over Downey Mildew, Powdery Mildew and Anti- Bacterial disease like leaf blight etc.

MODE OF ACTION : It is an eco friendly biological fungicide based on Bacillus subtilis and is highly effective in Downey Mildew. It inhibits the germination of plant pathogen and interact with the attachment of pathogen to plant and control the spared of disease.


  • Natural, Eco-friendly, residue free, natural bio-fungicide very effective in control of Fungal and Bacterial Disease.
  • Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
  • Higher Shelf-life.
  • Higher and perfect bacterial count.
  • Allowed Organic Input by NOCA as Per NPOP standards of govt. of India.


  • Soil Application : 2 litter per Acer.
  • Foliar Spray : 2.5 ml per Litter.

TARGETED CROPS : All Vegetables, Fruits and other Crops.

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