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Dr Bactos Biozinc 4K

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Bacillus Aryabhattai
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Dr. Bacto’s Biozinc 4K - zinc solubilizing bacteria (ZSB) Bacillus Aryabhattai - Dr. Bacto’s ZSB has zinc solubilizing bacteria (ZSB) Bacillus aryabhattai that are agriculturally beneficial bacteria capable of solubilizing zinc from its insoluble complex compounds present in soil.

Mode of action : Dr. Bacto’s Biozinc has zinc solubilizing bacteria that release low molecular weight organic acids which solubilize the insoluble zinc complex present in soil and make zinc available for crops/plants.

Benefits :It helps to improve zinc uptake of crop/plant from soil.

Dosage :

  • Soil : 2.5 – 5 Kg per Hectare.
  • Seed Treatment : 20 gm per Kg of seeds.

Recommended Crops : For All Crops.

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