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Dr Bactos Combo

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : NPK Microbial Consortia
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Dr. Bacto's Combo : Dr. Bacto's COMBO (NPK Microbial consortia) is a microbial formulation of selective strains of multiple bacteria which are able to synthesize / assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate and mobilize potash into available form, thereby supplementing balanced nutrition to the crops. It converts non-available forms of some complex bonded micro nutrients into available form.

Mode of Action : Azotobacter Spp. in this formulation increase nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth hormones (IAA, GA), vitamins enhancement in uptake NO3, NH4, H2PO4, K and Fe. Azospirillum is an associative micro aerobic nitrogen fixer. This bacterium induce the plant foods to secrete and mucilase which aerate low oxygen environment and helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen. PSB possess the activity to solubilize the Phosphorous by secreting organic acids (Gluconic acid, formic acid, Glutomic acid, Lactic acid, Citrate, Malic acid) lower soil pH and turns unavailable forms of soil phosphate to available form. KMB to mobilize potash available in soil of the plant activates the numerous enzymes system involved in formation of organic substances and protein compounds.


  • Increase utilization of atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Solubilizes the unavailable form of phosphate and make it available to the plants.
  • Mobilize the fix and left potash in the soil and make it available to the plants.
  • It will increases plant drought tolerance under drought condition.
  • Increase 20-30% yield and quality of the produce Improve physical and chemical properties of soil and improves the nutrient and water holding capacity.
  • Reduces disease infestation up to some extent. Cost saving and reduces the dosage of N.P.K fertilizers.
  • Improves the colour, appearance and shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables.

DOSE : Mix or dilute 2 litre Dr. Bacto's COMBO per acre in 200 litre of water and apply in the field through drip irrigation.

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