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Dr Bactos Fast-D

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Decomposing Culture
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Dr. Bacto's Fast-D : Basidiomycetes Spp (Important in the degradation of lignin), Trichoderma Spp, Actinomyces, Clostridium thermocelium consortia. For degradation of pressmud - sugarcane waste contains cellulose degrading bacterial consortium, Mesophilic - Thermophilic species of actinomyces bacteria and fungi.

Mode of Action : Decomposer is a mixture of cultures of microorganisms specially developed for aerobic composting of wastes like FYM, Press mud, City waste and organic waste materials collected from the fields etc. Decomposing microorganisms are consumers of waste materials and dead organic matter as their food. These microorganisms have the ability to break down the complex dead organism into smaller particles and new compounds resulting in fertile soil that provides good environment for soil microbial leads to nutrient availability to plants. It contains saprophytic microorganisms including bacterial and fungal species which are highly effective in degradation of organic waste such as organic residue, FYM, Animal waste, Cellulose, Lignin rich material etc.


  • The high efficient strains of Actinomycetes will help to degrade complex organic matter within short period. These species are efficiently secrete organic acids, enzymes through which pH of soil is also maintained.
  • It converts cellulose into humus and help to decay of organic matter.
  • Consortium of Ligno-cellulolytic, Thermophilic organisms accelerates the process of decomposition of organic raw matter including animal waste and crop residue.
  • It helps to maintain level of organic carbon in Rhizosphere.
  • It minimizes and even eliminates the problems arising from poor aeration such as emission of phenolic compounds, methane etc.
  • Also helps to increase beneficial microbial population and maintain the pH of soil.


  • Organic waste :
    • Dilute 1 kg / 1 to 2 litre of Dr. Bacto's Fast-D per MT of organic waste in 200 litre water and spray over the collected organic waste.
    • Maintaining the moisture percentage and frequent turnings will improve the quality of compost.
    • Addition of 10 kg Urea and 10 kg Single super phosphate to the composting material will give the rich nutrients containing compost.
  • Press mud :
    • Dilute 1 kg / 1 to 2 litre of Dr. Bacto's Fast-D per MT of press mud in 200 litre water and spray over the press mud. Frequent turnings is required at 10 -12 days intervals for aeration to get the better quality compost.
  • Coco Peat :
    • Dilute 1 kg / 1 to 2 litre of Dr. Bacto's Fast-D in 100 litre of water per MT of coco peat.
    • Make first layer of coco peat with 100 kg, spray diluted decomposing solution and go on doing same way with 1 MT coco peat to make a heap. Turning is required on 12-15 day.
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