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Dr Bactos Nemos

Brand : Anand Agro Care.
Data : Paceillomyces lilacinus
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Dr. Bacto's Nemos - Paceillomyces lilacinus : Dr. Bacto’s Nemos is an eco-friendly biological nematicide based on Paceillomyces lilacinus and is highly effective in controlling Nematodes. It produces hyphae inside the nematode eggs. It also produces enzymes like proteases and chitinase that weakens nematodes and controls crop from Nematodes. It also destroys hybernating stages of the nematodes in the soil.


  • Dr. Bacto’s Nemos plays an important role in the control of nematodes.
  • It is more beneficial to control the nodule at the roots cause by nematode with organic material.
  • Easy to use by drip irrigation for shed net, poly house crops.


  • Soil: 2 Litters per Acer.
  • Drip: 2 Litters per Acer.

TARGETED CROPS : All Vegetables, Fruits and other Crops.

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