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  • Bio Pesticides
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Farmroot Beauveria Bassiana

Brand : Farmroot Agritech Pvt Ltd.
Data : Bio Pesticides (Liquid and Powder)
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Farmroot Beauveria Bassiana (Powder and Liquid) : Beauveria Bassiana in general is considered as a nonselective pesticide because it parasitizes a very high range of arthropod hosts. This entomopathogenic fungus is also applied against the European corn borer, pine caterpillar, and green leafhoppers.

Content : Beauveria Bassiana 1% W.P. 1 x 10^8 CFU/gm min.

Benefits : Controls the crops infestation..

Target Crops : Papaya, saota, water melon, cotton, ground nut, tomato, brinjal, chilli, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, banana, cabbage , cauliflower, mango.

Insects / Disease : Mealy bugs, American bollworm and thrips , mites

Mode Of Action : Spores comes in contact with pests which drains the nutrient supply and kills the pest.

Dosage :

  • 3ml-7ml per liter water.
  • 5gm-10gm per liter water
  • Root grubs : 750 ml -1 Liter/ acre by drenching.
  • Drip system:750 ml -1 Liter/ acre by drip irrigation.
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