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  • Tarpauline Sheet
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Farmroot Tarpaulin Sheet Black Color

Brand : Farmroot Agritech Pvt Ltd.
Data : 200 GSM
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Farmroot Tarpaulin Black Color :

Tarpaulins are made from superior quality polyethylene weave which provides durability with heavy duty thickness. Our tarpaulins are 100% recyclable and will last five times longer than ordinary tarp. From the construction site to the farm, our heavy-duty tarps are used for protective and waterproof temporary shelters in disaster zones, repair for roofs and walls, pitch a tent, sports field covers, hammock, creating a shower area, covering all types of equipment, goods and cargo, covering boats and bike, cars or motor vehicles and firewood cover. Ideal for light, large or heavy scale construction, building material cover, agricultural, home and commercial gardening, recreational camping and hospitals & health centers.

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