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Geolife No Virus - Chili Special

Brand : Geolife Group.
Data : Organic Viricide : Botanical Anti-Virus
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No Virus Chili Special - Organic Viricide : Botanical Anti-Virus

  • It is a broad spectrum herbal antivirus which protects the plant from virus and also improves resistance against them.
  • It is a combination of rare herbs which stops virus immediately and gives fresh growth and yield.
  • No-Virus enters the plant through the stomatal opening and is translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles.
  • No-Virus on entering the effected plant cell encapsulates the viron particles.
  • No-Virus opens up the conductive tissues blocked by the virus particles and the plant cells starts to recover and the new leaves emerges virus free. It is effective up to 15 days after application.

CROPS : All crops (vegetable, fruits, pulses).

Application :

  • Preventive Application : 3-5 ml/ liter of water through the spray.
  • Curative Application :
    • 1st spray : No virus 3-5 ml / lit + Tabsil 1 gm/lit + insecticide (If the virus transmitted by Insect vector) through the spray.
    • 2nd spray after 4 days of 1st spray : No virus 3-5 ml / lit + Vigore 1gm /lit.
    • 3rd spray : Repeat after 10-15 days of application.
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