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Geolife Recover Nutri Broad Spectrum Organic Fungicide

Brand : Geolife Group.
Data : Broad Spectrum Fungus Antioxidant
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Geolife Recover Nutri Broad Spectrum Fungus Antioxidant :

  • Broad Spectrum Nutritional Fungicide.
  • An agro nano technology product.
  • It is an innovative and powerful antioxidant which works effectively on broad spectrum fungal diseases.
  • It has both preventive and curative action.
  • It is made up of specialty nutrients and vitamins in bio-active metabolic form which readily available for plant cells.
  • It also recovers plant from micronutrient deficiency and helps in root and shoot formation.
  • It makes plant healthy and improves immunity in plants.
  • It also develops resistance against abiotic and biotic factors.
  • It is 100 % bio degradable, with Zero PHI and leaves no residue.
  • It is 100% water soluble and can be applied through foliar application, drenching and by drip irrigation.

Crops : All crops (vegetable, fruits, flowers, pulses, cereals ).

Dosage : 50-100gm/acre. Depending upon crop size and severity of disease.

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