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  • Organic Plant Growth Promoters
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Geolife Vigore Fruit Size Growth Booster

Brand : Geolife Group.
Data : Fruit/Grain Size Enhancer Manure
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Geolife Vigore Fruit Size Growth Enhancer Manure

  • Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer is an advance product that helps to increase fruit size, develops uniform color and taste.
  • It enhances vegetative growth, fruit size, fertility and post harvest storage.
  • Vigore FSE improves the translocation system inside the plant during the fruit development stage.
  • Fruits attain good colour, taste and good shining in turn giving more profits to farmer.

Crops : All crops (vegetable, fruits, flowers, pulses, cereals ).

Dosage : Spray 10gm for 150-200 litres of water at fruiting stage.

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