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Geolife Vigore Gold - Bio Fertilizers : Vigore Gold is a product for increasing the agricultural productivity both in qualitative and quantitative aspects. It aims to replenish the global food scarcity by increasing crop production in the available land. It contains wide range of nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc in nano form. Vigore Gold is a complete nutrient product for complete plant development from root to shoot, increases immunity and works efficiently in all crops. It increase yield and quality to optimum level.

  • Vigore gold provides complete plant nutrition to increase the crops yields in both.
  • Vigore gold provides complete plant nutrition to increase the crop yields in both qualitative and quantitative aspects.
  • It is a consortium of extracts from Neurospora crassa, Nanotechnology nutrients, natural minerals, aminos, enzymes, humic acid etc.
  • Vigore gold is an advanced technology product for complete development of plants by improving all the yield enhancing parameters.
  • It primarily improves root system of the plant and increases the uptake of nutrients from the soil and increases nutrient.
  • It increases the photosynthesis efficiency of the plants.
  • It improves diseases resistance capacity in the plant.
  • Improves tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Increase more productive branches and promote more flowering.
  • It Provides nourishments to new flowers and prevent blossoms drop or fruit drop.
  • Vigore gold plays an important role in fruit development, it increases fruit size to an optimum level, strengthens cell wall to increase its color, quality and shelf life.


  • Soil Application : 250 gram / acre at basal fertilization or along with 1st fertilizer application stage.
  • Foliar Application: 1.25 gram / litre of water at vegetative growth stage, flowering stage, fruiting stage.
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