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Green Revolution Blue Sticky Trap

Brand : Green Revolution.
Data : Traps and Lures
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Trap/Lure Pack

The Blue Sticky Trap has important advantages in pest management. The blue color is dark and depth in nature. Because of this harmful insect pest like thrips, leaf miner fly attracts towards blue color. This increases the specificity of the traps and avoids the complications of attracting non-target and in particular beneficial insects, which need to be preserved. The blue traps can comfortably be used in greenhouses etc. where beneficial insects are being released. Sometimes beneficial insects can be trapped randomly. These are standard-sized Paper sheets coated on both sides with insect-sticky adhesive along with release paper.

Crops:  Vegetables and Flowers.

Target Pest: Thrips, Leaf miner, Tea mosquito bug, Cucumber beetles, Cabbage root fly, and other flying Insects.

Physical Dimensions of Trap:
Product Color: Blue
Size: 22 cm x 28 cm 
Material:- PVC

Per acre: Blue sticky trap 15 to 25/acre required.

About the Product
High adhesive layer.
Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
Nontoxic glue does not dry fast.
Easy to install in the field.
User friendly.

Highly Effective
Harmful insects can attract from long distance
Ready to use
Reduce pesticide usage

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