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Green Revolution IPM Trap Easy fruit fly Trap

Brand : Green Revolution.
Data : Traps and Lures
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Trap/Lure Pack

IPM trap is patented trap. This trap is eco-friendly and designed to trap different fruit fly species in vegetable and fruit crops. Pheromone traps plays a important role in detecting influxes of adult pest species from one region to another and also even from non-crop areas into crop areas. Pheromone traps used to monitor target pests in agriculture fields. By constantly monitoring for insects, Use of pheromone traps shows lesser damage to crop by pest. It can also limit the presence of stinging insects in the field.

Use With Lures:
Fruit Fly Lure, Melon Fly Lure

Used with label claimed lures in this crops: 
Gherkins, Cucumber, Mango, Pumpkins, Mask melon, Watermelon, Guava, Sapota, Citrus, Banana, Papaya, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Sweet gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Pointed gourd , Sponge gourd. All vegetable.

Target Pests: 
Bactrocera cucurbitae (Melon fruit fly), Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly), Bactrocera zonata (Peach fruit fly), Bactrocera correcta (Guava fruit fly).

Physical Dimensions of Trap:
Approximate Dimension (Assembled): 150mm Height × 95mm Diameter, 
Material- Pet Material (Disposable)
Dome Color: Clear (Transparent)
Base Color: Yellow

Per Acre: 
Per acre 10 IPM trap required.

Reusable trap made of disposable plastic.
Ideal for use in open-air cultivation.
With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment.
Eco-friendly Trap.

Upside on the trap one hole is placed for passing the wire to hang the trap in farm
Trap made with transparent body for checking numbers of the insect in the trap.
On the transparent body, three-hole is placed for insect entering which is attracted to smell.
In yellow bottom use same liquid for insect attract, a second thing is yellow color attract same species insect.
Environmentally friendly.
Easy install.

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