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Green Revolution Tu Tom Lure Tuta absoluta

Brand : Green Revolution.
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Tuta absoluta is a species of moth in family Gelechiidae known by the common names tomato leaf miner, tomato pinworm. It is well known as a serious pest of tomato crops.  Tuta absoluta is a highly destructive insect pest to tomato plants and fruit and is also reported to infect other plants in the Solanaceae family (potato, eggplant, etc.).

Attracting Insect Species:  Tomato Leaf miner (Tuta Abosulta)
Used In crops: Tomato, cherry Tomato, Potato.
Suitable trap for Tu-Tom-Lure:  Water Trap/Delta Trap/ Sticky Trap

Life cycle:
Tuta absoluta is a holometabolous insect with a high rate of reproduction. It may be able to complete 10-12 generations per year depending on environmental conditions. Tuta absoluta completes a generation in 28 days. Adult males live longer than females. Both genders mate multiple times. The first mating usually occurs the day after adults emerge. Each female can lay up to 260 eggs in a lifetime. Freshly hatched larvae are light yellow or green and only 0.5 mm in length. As they mature, larvae develop a darker green color and a characteristic dark band posterior to the head capsule. Four larval instars develop. Larvae do not enter diapauses when food is available. Pupation may take place in the soil, on the leaf surface, within mines or in packaging material. A cocoon is built if pupation does not take place in the soil.

Larvae of Tuta absoluta mine the leaves, flowers, shoots, and fruit of tomato as well as the leaves and tubers of potato. After hatching, larvae penetrate apical buds, flowers, new fruit, leaves, or stems. Conspicuous irregular mines and galleries as well as dark frass make infestations relatively easy to spot. The damage caused by this pest is severe, especially in young plants. In tomato, it can attack any plant part at any crop stage and can cause up to 100% crop destruction.

Pest Identification:
Adult are about 10 mm long have filiform antennae and silverish-grey scales, black spots on anterior wings of adult. Larva whitish green to pale green and about 10mm to 20mm in length. 

Insect  Sex Pheromone Technology. It is the process of attraction and trapping the insect pest of specific Species those damage to crops.

Per Acre Use: 
Water/Delta/Sticky trap with Tu-Tom Lure at 10 / acre for controlling.

Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.
If used properly can detect low numbers of insects.
Collect only Species Specific
Non toxic.
Suitable for all season.
Pheromone Lures are species specific.
Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life.
Pheromone used 99% pure.
99.9% Effective from other commercial product.
Lure working day in field life 30- 45days, Depend on weather conditions.
Packing signal unit in anti smell realizing pouch.
Dispenser- silicon rubber Septa 
Lure can stay for one year without removing from packing.
Please use hand gloves /Keep clean hand for handling lure.
Hang trap 1 to1.5 feet above crop canopy.   
Avoid direct contact of lure with other chemical.
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