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Hectare Mango Picker

Brand : Hectare.
Data : 4 replaceable sharp paper blades extra
Availability : In Stock

Hectare Mango Picker : Mango Picker with cotton net and 4 replaceable sharp paper blades. Hectare Mango picker is a tool for harvesting of mango and other fruits. This product comes with especially handmade cotton net to absorb sap while picking fruits.

Specification :

  • Use and throw blades : We are providing 4 extra blades. These are very sharp paper blades, easily available at any hardware shop.
  • Cotton Net : It have especially handmade cotton net design to hold more number of mangoes. Cotton tread absorb sap oozed out while picking.
  • Elevated blades for better visibility : Blades are placed on special designed stand for better visibility of blades while picking fruit.
  • Strong material : Strong material is used in manufacturing to avoid damage if products fell down from tree.
  • The product comes without pole attachment.
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