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Hifield Toofan

Brand : Hifield Organic.
Data : Organic Plant Growth Promoter
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Toofan - (Amino Acid, Fulvic Acid, Folic Acid, Multi Vitamins, Bio Stimulant, Growth Promoter) :

Description : Hifield's Toofan is multivitamin bio-stimulant and a very effective growth promoter.

Advantages : All crops vegetable, flower gardens, orchards, turf grass, Fruits (Horticulture), Hydrophonics, Green House Crops etc.

Contents : Amino Acid, Organic Nitrogen Supplement, Proteins Supplement, Energy booster, Immunity Booster.

Dosage : 1 ML / Liter, Suitable for Drip, Folliar Spray, Drenching.

Recommended Repetition : Pre flowering / Post Flowering Every 15 days, 2 times

Country OF Origin : India.

Manufacturer Name : Hifield Organics Inc

Manufacturing Address : G-39/26, MIDC Waluj, Sambhajinagar 431 136 (M.S.) India.

Best Before : 3 year / 36 months After the Date Of Manufacturing.

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