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Kay Bee Fungo Raze

Brand : Kay Bee Bio Organics PVT LTD.
Data : Bio Fungicides
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FUNGO RAZE is Bio-fungicide prepared by using Botanical extracts, which has contact & systemic based antisporulant actions on spore forming Fungi. It has proven efficacy on wide range of Fungi which commonly attack Vegetable, Fruit and Flower crops. FUNGO RAZE has multiple mechanisms of action. It prevents mycelia growth by restricting spore adhesion & germ tube formation. It inhibits the growth of hyphae & the development of mycelia. It also acts as antisporulant. Preventive spraying of Fungo RAZE can avoid chances of wide range of fungal disease attack like powdery mildew, Downy mildew, early blight, late blight, anthracnose & Red Rust. Fungo Raze showed phytotonic effect on plants.


• Use safety kit at the time of spraying.

• Quantity need to be followed strictly as per the recommended rate.

• Time of spray must be carried out at early morning or evening.

• Spraying equipment’s like Sprayer and its parts like spray nozzle, spray tank should be tide and clean before spraying.

• Proper coverage is most important for results.

• After spray properly wash the hands using soap.


• Don't eat, drink, smoke or chew during whole operation of pesticides.

• Bio-pesticides should not be exposed to sunlight.

• Never prepare spray solution & application of pesticides without wearing protective clothing.

• Do not use overdose which may affect plant health and environment.

Chemical Composition:-

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Ferula asafoetida (M.C.) 7.0% Cinnamomum cassia (M.C.)7.0%  Anethum graveolens (M.C.) 5.0% Thymus vulgaris (M.C.) 6.0%  OTHER INGREDIENTS Organic emulsifier 10.0%  Carrier oil QS to make Total 100.0%


2 ml/ litre of water

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