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Kay Bee Pesto Raze Cotton Special Insecticide

Brand : Kay Bee Bio Organics PVT LTD.
Data : Bio Pesticides
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Pesto Raze - cotton special (Insecticide)

Specifications : Pesto raze is a phytoconstituents – based high quality product manufactured from species of pharmaceutical eminence which has great ability to act on vast class of soft body insects. It successfully checks White flies, Aphids, Jassids, Thrips and Mealy bug which commonly attack on cotton. It is more effective at lower temperature. For best results, spray early in the morning or during late evening. Being a botanical based product, it gives phytotonic effect and significantly enhances productivity of the crop. It is helps in vegetative growth and induces flowering and better fruit development specially in cotton.

Mechanism of Action : After spraying PESTO RAZE cotton special, the formulation penetrates the soft body surface of insects and excites the nervous system that causes rapid muscle contraction, leading to convulsion, paralysis and eventual death. PESTO RAZE cotton special is lethal for early stages of insects, demonstrating a fatal knock-down action on sucking insects. It helps to protect your precious crops and ensures their well-being. Pesto Raze cotton special is effective on all stages of insects Lifecycle such as eggs, nymph and adult. It also Damages the reproductive system of insects. Also Pesto raze cotton special after dissolving the outermost white waxy layer, penetrates the skin and kills the soft body mealy bug.

DO’s :

  • Use safety kit at the time of spraying.
  • Quantity need to be followed strictly as per the recommended rate.
  • Time of spray must be carried out at early morning or evening.
  • All equipment’s should be clean before the spraying. Sprayer and its parts like spray nozzle, spray tank should be tide and clean.
  • Proper coverage is most important for results.
  • After spray properly wash the hands using soap.


  • Don't eat, drink, smoke or chew during whole operation of pesticides.
  • Bio-pesticides should not be exposed to sunlight.
  • Never prepare spray solution and application of pesticides without wearing protective clothing.
  • Do not use overdose which may affect plant health and environment.

CHEMICAL COMOSITION : Melia dubia (M.C)-2.5 %, Cinnamomum cassia (M.C)-2.5 %, Piper longum (M.C)-2.5 %, Lantana camara (M.C)-2.5 %, Murraya koeniggi (M.C)-5 %, Acorus calamus (M.C)-5 %, Lpomoea carnea (M.C) -5 %, OTHER INGREDIENTS-0 %, Organic emulsifier-10 %,Carrier Oil-0 %, Total-100 %.

Dosage :

  • Preventive: 1 - 1.5 ml/lit.
  • Curative: 2 - 2.5 ml/lit.

Availability : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres.

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