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Kay Bee pH Tunner

Brand : Kay Bee Bio Organics PVT LTD.
Data : pH Balancer of water
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pH Tunner is specially designed for reducing the pH of water and soil. It enhances the effectiveness of spray solution. It improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. It increases the soil porosity, as well as it helps to plant to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. It also reduces the algal growth in spray tank and drip pipes which minimizes the blockages. pH tunner is perfectly complement for organic & non organic crops and it’s most natural and harmless substitute to nitric and phosphoric acid as it does not harm beneficial microorganism in soil and substrate

Uses & Benefits of PH Tunner

pH Tunner reduces alkaline pH of water at desired level for spray ( Ideal pH of spray solution should be 5.5 to 6.5 ). pH Tunner helps to release trapped nutrients in soil and also helps plant to absorb nutrients and spray elements efficiently. pH Tunner can be used for decalcification of irrigation system and as a shock treatment for clogged irrigation system pipes. pH Tunner also helps to improve soil aeration by increasing the soil porosity resulting in development and establishment of white roots which ultimately increase the yield. pH Tunner is recommended to be used with broad range of insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, growth promoters, micronutrients and fertilizers.


• Use safety kit at the time of spraying.

• Quantity need to be followed strictly as per the recommended rate.

• Time of spray must be carried out at early morning or evening.

• All equipment’s should be clean before the spraying. Sprayer and its parts like spray nozzle, spray tank should be tide and clean.

• Proper coverage is most important for results.

• After spray properly wash the hands using soap.


• Don't eat, drink, smoke or chew during whole operation of pesticides.

• Bio-pesticides should not be exposed to sunlight.

• Never prepare spray solution & application of pesticides without wearing protective clothing.

• Do not use overdose which may affect plant health and environment.

Chemical Composition:-

Active ingredients Organic acid 25 % by wt wetting agents 5% by wt, Aqueous solvent 70 % by wt, Total 100.00%


For normal low pH water (7 to 8) – 0.25 to 0.5 ml/L

For high pH water (pH above 8) – 0.75 to 1 ml/L

For soil application – 2 to 3 L/ acre

For pipe decalcifies – 30 to 40 ml /50 L of water

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