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Kyros Keleol Banana Spray Oil E4

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Brand : Raj Petro Specialties Pvt Ltd.
Data : Fights Karpa Disease
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Keleol Banana Spray Oil E4 : Banana Spray Oil is a concentrate formulated with severely hydro treated paraffinic oil and a well balanced adjuvant package that will form a quick emulsion for being used in agricultural spray applications especially for banana and similar plants to control leaf spot diseases.

Functions :

  • To control the leaf spot diseases like Sigatoka(s) caused by Fungi.
  • Good bonding agent and agrochemical (fungicide) dispersant.
  • It improves adhesion of the products applied.
  • To control the fungal spreading through air and water.
  • Usage of only Fungicides not only harm the soil, but the disease also develops a resistance towards these fungicides.
  • Yield increases by approx. 18.5% when used alone and 35.5 % when used with fungicides.
  • The Mineral oil can be used standalone or along with fungicides .
  • The recommended dosage is using 1-2% of Keleol mixed with water (or).
  • Keleol 1-2 % along with fungicides such as propiconazole/carbendazim etc..

For 1 acre of banana plantation- during 1 spray 100 Liters of mixture is required usually sprayed using 10 tanks for 7 times in one season.

  • Use air sprayers or hand operated sprayers.
  • The spray frequency depends on the severity of the infection .
  • Minimum 15 days interval should be kept between sprays .
  • Avoid spraying in hot and sunny period to maintain effectiveness.
  • Spray in morning when temperature is low.

Dosage : 10 ML per Liter water.

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