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Mahan Hand Tine or Rack Weeder

Brand : Mahan Hand Tools.
Data : Made in India and User friendly
Availability : In Stock

Mahan Manual Star Weeder :

  • Made in India and User friendly, Easy to Use and Maintain.
  • Sharpness Blade enables deeper penetration into soil.
  • MS Powder coated Black colour.
  • Handle pipe not included.
  • Soil consolidation, Shallow ploughing.
  • Light in weight, strong and sturdy design.

Benefits :

  • Useful for removing weeds in any field.
  • Light weight and easy to operate all ages.
  • Hand held product, no power and maintenance required.

Features :

  • A unique innovation for all farmers that allows you with minimal effort, quickly and efficiently take care of any farm. This tool increases productivity while working on farms.
  • This tool successfully combines the functions of a weed cutter and a hoe. A metal star with special metal plates inside loosens the soil and crashes up the hardened dry pieces while moving.

Specification :

  • Product Type: Hand Tine/Rack Weeder.
  • Material: Metal.
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